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I have not had any alcohol in over 5 weeks now...

And I believe Alco-stat has a big part in that, the craving is not there and the obsession is only a thought..."

- Martina A, Accounting
It just didn't seem real...but it worked!

There is no way your going to get a man, who has drank for over 30 years Down to a beer a day in just 2 weeks!"

- Abigail J, Homemaker
I stopped drinking in 6 weeks...

I use to drink 5-6 a day and now its NONE. My family has always wanted me to stop but the social influences, lifestyle and stress would not allow me to stop. I started Alco-stat and started to see immediate effects and now I am alcohol free. This has been wonderful not only for my family but for my health."

- Frank R, Construction